Become our Partner

Ongoing partnership:

Castelos do Sal maintains a close and trusting relationship with all intevenientes. In order to ensure maximum return on its humanitarian commitment to partner, Castelos do Sal means to accept and promote a form of ongoing support, the needs of the Association. To be our partner, please contact us and mention how you want us to support. To do so, simply send their identifying data (individual and / or corporate) and fill out one of the forms provided herein (friend, volunteer and / or spouse).

Global Influence:

Castelos do Sal, is present in Sal Island in Cape Verde since May 2011, providing humanitarian aid to the welfare of disadvantaged children. We aim to achieve national and international partnerships. In Cape Verde territory the NGO works with closely with governments, communities and local governing bodies. With its continued presence and collaboration, Castles Sal helps even more, much of the population of the City of Santa Maria and surrounding areas.

By becoming a partner, Castles Sal, joins the " social responsibility " of the mission and values of the NGO. Become our partner in just 3 steps:

• Identification
• Choose the form of aid / ongoing support
• Action