Economic Support

The Association has a sustainability program aimed at raising resources (material, human and financial) to implement projects.

We appreciate everyone who showed available to make donations for this cause. We recall also that the operation Castelos do Sal requires a constant search for new monetary support for the implementation of its activities as a spot on the ground. With the headquarters in the old Municipal Delegation of Santa Maria, the space provided by the City Council of Salt initially Castles Sal hosts more than 60 children, promoting children's rights, helping them to build their own " fortress " of life. For the NGO Castelos do Sal can work and continue helping disadvantaged, this has to enforce a set of backups. Whether individual or institutional title for your cooperation is very important to ensure the day - today lives of children.

Help monetarily children of Ilha do Sal, do not forget us when you come home.

IBAN: CV64000500000459547310197
NIB: 000500000459547310197

Rua 1 de Junho