Salt Castles Association wants to help vulnerable children

Source: Inforpress, dated February 12, 2012 news, 06:06, "we want to prevent risk behaviour and allow children to have a space where they can be, a safe space and comfortable."

City of Asparagus, 12 Feb (Inforpress)- the Association of Castles, founded 10 months in Salt to promote the rights of the child, start with the activities and wants to help vulnerable children build their own "fortress" of life. Second Vânia Matthew, one of the founders of the Association, the castles of salt, created by a group of volunteers that worked with children "project In Kasa", in the city of Santa Maria, want to contribute so that all children of the locality of Santa Maria especially can "build your Castle". ”. The Association also wants to develop new projects with vulnerable groups on the island because they are the most in need of aid, said. Among the actions planned by the Association, informed Vânia Matthew, is the implementation of Sustainable Development-civil society awareness to the importance/responsibility to contribute actively to sustainable local development. Another initiative will be the draft "Kingdom of joke" that will work for the prevention of risk behaviour among children in situation of vulnerability and that present problems, having as objective the development of personal and social skills, he explained. Leisure activities (ATL) will be developed for the promotion of leisure occupation healthily, through cultural and sporting activities, said the activist. In volunteering, confirmed that the association promoting active citizenship, solidarity and shared responsibility are also the action plan for this year.

"We want to prevent risk behaviour and allow children to have a space where they can be safe and comfortable space, and where they have someone looking for them and teach them things so they can grow in a healthy way, safer and more confident," said Magdalena Mateus. Does salt Castles is the result of a joint work, partnerships and a lot of the people who joined to help vulnerable children, bailed to activist. Castles of Salt is the newest Island Association in the area of childhood and was created in May 2011, with the mission to promote children's rights and satisfy the basic needs of their beneficiaries in terms of food, health, hygiene and preventing risk behaviors. On his mission, also provides for investing in the promotion of personal, social and educational skills in order to contribute to a community and local sustainable development. With its own headquarters in the former Santa Maria Municipal Delegation, space provided by City Council of salt, initially, castles of Salt will host 60 children.


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