Ourt Partners

Castelos do Sal establishing local partnerships and international calling to solidarity and social responsibility.

Has several partnerships with local businesses, travel agencies, hotel units, private clinics and other associations. All these will contribute so that we can carry out all the tasks. All partnerships are characterized by mutual respect and strengthening the capabilities of each system. Thanks to the collaboration of all, Castles Sal can exist and continue working in a more conscious, fast and competent.


Spouses and Friends Castelos do Sal.

Castelos do Sal thank the generosity of all companies and institutions that have supported their projects.Partners and friends of NGO: 

  • City Council of Salt
  • Clinic Clinitur
  • Clinic Shekina
  • CapeVerdeKids2Care4
  • Cape Verde Maintenance
  • Carpentry Cunha, Lda.
  • San Jose Construction Company
  • Oasis Atlantico-Hotel Belorizonte
  • Bakery Dadó
  • Riu Garopa and Riu Funaná
  • Sal4Rent
  • Tui Nordic
  • Thomson
  • ThomasCook
  • Thomson
  • Melia Tortuga
  • Morabitur
  • Barracuda Tours-Cape Verde
  • Tortuga Beach Resort
  • Riu hotels and Resorts
  • Oasis-Hotels and Resorts
  • Cape Verde Expats
  • Coca-cola
  • Galaxy Interiors
  • Kand L Studio
  • Project We Kaza
  • Tui Nordic

Sustainable development

Our global presence through the internet as a communication vehicle and the shipment of years of experience in the field has enabled us to develop establishing good relationships with all partner organizations This experience allows us to offer an effective and sustainable aid, to support children and own the surrounding population. In identifying the major needs of Castles Sal, keep a careful internet communication (e-mail) to all our members, donors, volunteers, spouses and friends, them regularly informed of our activities and report accounts via our newsletter monthly.