Castles Sal establishing local partnerships and international calling to solidarity and social responsibility

Contribute to the education of children of the Association Castles Sal is involved in making a new life story. Your contribution is valuable and can be done in different ways:

  • Be Friends Castles Sal presupposes the achievement of monthly, quarterly or annual financial contributions, contributing directly to the development of programs and projects of the Association. To become our friend, just fill out the " Record friend " and proceed to the payment of dues. To be our " friend" and patronize one / or more of our children will have to satisfy the " Record friend " and send us an email with this intention. Point out, this type of support, the monthly contribution shall be an amount equal to or higher than 65 €.
  • Being a Volunteer by conducting various activities, devoting most of his time, spontaneously. If you are interested in joining the Association scholarship volunteer, send us an email to, and attach the completed form.
  • Being a Partner (Possible Contributor continuously) making any donations, whether financial or products, it is essential to complement the work done and sustainability of the Association of Sal Castles To contribute a financial contribution, simply make a deposit of any sum of money in the bank account of the Association. All money donated will be fully invested in programs and projects.

At this time, Castles Sal has the following protocols:

  • City Council of Salt
  • Clinitur Clinic in Santa Maria
  • Clinic Shekina
  • CapeVerdeKids2Care4 Association (England)

And with the regular support of:

  • Cape Verde Maintenance
  • Bakery Dadó
  • Sal4Rent
  • Tui Nordic
  • Thomson UK

For more information about the various forms of support, please contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 00238-9781026/9797704
  • Address: Travessa da Fábrica Santa Maria, Sal Island, Cape Verd