Types of Partnership

Contribute to the NGO is a way to become responsible for the transformation of society and the evolution of a better world.

Advertising and Sponsorship: Your company contributes to programs Castelos do Sal or chooses to endorse a specific project. The parallel may perform other fundraising initiatives to raise funds.

Cause Related Marketing: a commitment to your brand. According to the humanitarian aims of the NGOs, the business partner allocates a percentage of the selling price of the product / service in favor of NGOs. This partnership allows you to increase the value of your brand by supporting the welfare of children.

Mobilization of all: You can encourage your customers / employees to support NGOs through calls for donations through their loyalty programs, the solidarity economy or organizing internal and external events to benefit Castles of Sal

Sale of cards and products: as a corporate entity, can become reseller of cards and NGOs products with your business image properly identified as an official sponsor. In this case, welcomes cards and selected by yourself products and initiates a new kind of funding through joint advertising your company.